Our Employees

We value our employees! As a valued employee of Temporarily Yours we will do everything we can to match up our candidates with the best jobs in the greater Seattle area. We service Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, Issaquah, Kirkland and King County. What ever your area or availability we always try to match you with a job as close to your preferences as possible.


When working for Temporarily Yours you can look forward to enjoying the following benefits:
  • Requested Back Bonus - We will give you a $20 bonus when you are requested back by a client for whom you have previously worked.
  • Orca Card Subsidy – We offer a $30 subsidy toward an Orca Card to anyone who qualifies.
  • Sick/Safe Leave Policy - We are compliant with the City of Seattle Sick/Safe Leave Policy.
  • Employee Referral Bonus - If you refer a friend to our team and he/she is assigned to a job order, you will receive a one-time $40 bonus!
  • Client Referral Bonus - We will give you a $50 bonus if you refer a new company to Temporarily Yours, Inc. and they use our temporary or direct-hire service.
  • Tutorials – Expand your skills and earning potential by taking advantage of free Microsoft Office application tutorials.

Employee Resources

Fill out your timecard:
  • 1. Download either the Excel file or the PDF file to fill out your timecard (Find further instructions in both files)
  • 2. Complete timecard and make sure to have your supervisor sign and date it
  • 3. Photocopy signed timecard and ensure your supervisor receives a copy
  • 4. Choose one of the following options below to provide Temporarily Yours your timecard

  • E-Mail: info@tyiseattle.com
  • Fax: 206.386.4809
  • Address: 3020 Issaquah-Pine Lake Rd, PMB #130, Sammamish, WA. 98075

Employee FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions by our employees.

    Does Temporarily Yours (TYI) charge a fee for acting as my job search agent? You never owe a fee. Our clients pay us for services rendered.

    How long do assignments last? Assignment lengths can range from 4 hours to weeks, months and sometimes longer. Some assignments are temp-to-hire, some are direct hire. These can turn out to be permanent positions. Make sure you always let us know what type of assignments you are interested in.

    After I am placed into a job, who is my employer? TYI remains your employer, so all questions regarding salary, hours and benefits are addressed to us.

    How am I trained for my assignments? We assign you to jobs that are commensurate with your experience and skills, however, some companies have very specific tasks that they will need to train you on. If you feel you need further training, feel free to ask for it.

    What if I go to a job assignment and the tasks I am asked to perform are totally different from what my representative at TYI said I would be doing? Although we encourage our candidates to be flexible on their job assignments, it is important to call us if you ever feel that the job which you are performing is completely different from what you were initially told you would be doing. We want to secure the absolute best match between our candidates and employers. Furthermore, we want to ensure that the wages you are receiving reflect the nature of the work you are doing.

    What should I do if I cannot go to an assignment because I am sick or an emergency arises? If you are sick or an emergency arises and it is impossible to get to your assignment on-time, it is important to call TYI immediately at 206.386.5400. We will notify the client and make the necessary arrangements to fulfill the assignment.

    What if my assignment ends early or is extended? It is always a good idea to notify us if/when the length of your assignment changes. This will allow us to keep your electronic file up-to-date and to start searching for your next assignment if necessary.

    What if the company I am working for wants to hire me? Excellent! We have designed several options for them to transition you to their payroll and make you their next star employee. Simply let us know and have them give us a call.

    What is the best way to let you know I want to work? Call 206.386.5400 or email us on a regular basis to keep us up-to-date on your availability.